Session 5 and 6

Education City

This tool is packed with a range of resources which can be used for children in foundation 1 up to upper key stage 2. During the lesson we had the opportunity to play around with this tool. From my previous school experience, technology was used regularly during phonics sessions in reception. I had used a web tool called ‘Forrest Phonic’ and ‘Dinosaur Eggs,’ it was evident that the children in the reception class thoroughly enjoyed interactive learning. Education City has many resources split in subject area, I had looked at the Jolly Phonics section as this approach is widely used in schools and it is one which I am familiar with also.

Firstly the tool is very aesthetically appealing to young children as al the background and images are in bright bold colours.  There are many positives for using this app, firstly, it allows you to pick a particular phoneme that the children are learning and provides simple activities for the children to do as a class or independently. I have used the Jolly Phonics big books to start phonics lessons previously as it is a good way to introduce new sounds to children but to make this a bit more interactive I feel that this tool could be used as a great starter as it is short and concise. Below are some screen shots of what the tool looks like.





Help Kidz Learn

Help Kidz Learn was another tool which we were introduced to today, similar to Education City, this tool has a bank of games, activities and stories to enhance digital learning.  This tool is specifically designed for early years and SEN. The primary benefit for this web based tool is that it is very inclusive for children who have physical impairments as it has an option for using switching instead of a mouse. This feature ensures that all children can access technology independently.







Assessment is a crucial part in early years as it is for any other stage of children learning. During this part of the session, as a group we had discussed the various apps/ tools practitioners used for assessment that we were all familiar with. Below is what we can up with:

– Tapestry

– 2 Build a Profile

– Evernote

I had looked into Three Ring as I hadn’t heard of this app before and I thought that I could use this opportunity to learn something new. By capturing the work as children are “doing” provides teachers with a “rich source of evidence about children’s learning and growth.”

Three Ring allows teachers to instantly capture children’s work using a iPad or an iPhone by:

  • Taking a picture of any paper, drawing or board work.
  • Recording presentations or discussions with audio or video.
  • And uploading their work from any mobile device or computer.

By using this app, teacher can avoid a “complicated filing system and Three Ring also organising the evident by:

  • Classifying work automatically.
  • Tagging work by subject area (or any other way).
  • And finding assessments quickly and easily using the search engine.

Many schools do however use a paper learning journals as it is vital to share children’s learning with them and their parents. Three Ring allows the teachers to share children’s work with parents by setting and maintaining security and privacy. Overall Three Ring provides a detailed overview of children’s learning and progression all in one place through a quick and easy application.

The Last part of the session was to designed to help us with out vision statements and to start thinking of how ICT could impact learning. We worked in groups and decided between ourselves which out the 11 NAACE statement we felt were the most important to us. We then used and App called ‘Skitch’ to take a picture of our top three statements and annotate them. Our top three statements were:

  • increase motivation to learn
  • Increase access to resources and tools
  • Enable access for minorities

Unfortunately, our work hadn’t uploaded onto the School of Education show me site, but you can follow the link to take you to the other groups work.


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