Art Lecture two- Imagine
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In this lecture we looked at your a range of materials, and our imaginations! We started by warming up our imaginations using items round the room to sculpt ourselves in a character. This helped to show us that although to us, our ideas are clear, to others they may not be! It also made Art more exciting and activity- which is how it should be.

We were then given a piece of black paper and chalk and were asked to make marks relating to the instruction given by the lecturer.  These were simple instructions such as ‘draw rain’. The lecturer also began by making it clear that there was no right or wrong answer- this was great for someone who is not confident in their Art, such as me! We often relate mark making to writing so it was a refreshing perspective to also think of it in terms of Art. This related clearly to the Expressive Art  portion of the EYFS curriculum and it certainly something I would like to have a go at in the future, possibly related to story maps or role play.

We then looked at using a repeated line in order to create a piece of Art. As a group, we choose a swirl, and repeated it many times using different colours, sizes and material. It started off looking a mess but quickly began to look like a interesting piece! This again looks at not removing the need for a right or wrong answer and instead allows children to be as creative as they might dare. Using this activity as group work means that more confident or artistic children are able to scaffold the learn of those who need a push in the right direction.

Finally, we were introduced to using digital media as art, we tried to use the ipad to take picture as letters we could see formed in the world around us. This sounded very easy…until you start looking! However, this is a great cross- curricular use as it related ICT, Art and Phonics. I personally think this would work really well with my lower ability Phonics group as it really brings phonics to life and helps to make it a lot more active.


Since this lecture I have tried the letter finding activity with a Phonics group. I started by explaining the activity to the class and Showing them the examples I had found in the lesson. I used paint to draw the letters over the top as the picture to make sure that no misconceptions could arise. I then split the class into pairs and sent them off on a ‘letter hunt’. As we only have one Ipad per class, I ask the children to look for letters and call me when they had found one. Soon all I could hear was ‘Miss Jones! Miss Jones!’ The children really engaged with this activity and we had a talk about the letters we had found at the end of this lesson. This worked well and I would definitely try it again.




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