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This is my first chance to have a go at blogging so… here goes!! So far it seems like a brilliant and effective way to communicate ideas and information in a way that is engaging and up to date in a way that children, and adults, relate to.

Our first Multimedia experience was an ICT lecture where we were introduced to different types of media and how best to use them to capture children interest and help them to learn. We were given the chance to explore difference apps and websites that can be used to create videos, movies, moving picture and a lot more.

During this lecture I had a go at experimenting with the different apps and websites. I experimented with the app ‘Morfo’, finding my way around the app and experiencing the difference features. I really liked the way this app worked and how you could add your own voice to it. When I got back to my placement school, I discussed this with my schools ICT coordinator. She also loved the app and used it to introduce Henry VIII to year 4- They adored it! The app was easy to use and mould to fit many topics. 

Below is a video form youtube with instruction on how to use the Morfo app.


After the lecture I had a go at using some website as I do not own an iPad. These were equally as interesting and easy for children to use. I mostly looked at purplemash which has such a huge variety of media for children to choose and experiment with.

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