Art- A trip to the forest
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Our first art lecture commenced in Northampton University’s Forest. Here we focused on using different types of media to make – in this case it was the use of nature or things available in the environment. In Early Years Foundation Stage, it is particularly important for children to be able to expressive themselves using any media, as well as to explore and learn about the world around them. Finally, the forest is significant to me as my placement school will be using this forest for ‘forest school’ during the spring term and I was looking for ideas i could put into practice.

Andy Goldsworthy is an particularly influential British artist who uses anything in the environment to create sculptures and land art. His work is recognised world wide and can be used to introduce the idea of nature as art to children.

Our lecture called for us to work on a similar vein to Goldsworthy and other and work in groups to create a person using materials we found in the forest. This helped us to see different shapes and textures which could be used to create body parts.

We created a person using logs, leaves, stones and twigs. We started off by finding bigger logs to use for the main body, and shorter logs for the arms and legs.  during a lesson it would be a good idea get children to think about their own body parts and maybe draw themselves to help them think about the different sizes of body parts.

We looked at different types of leaves and found two leaves that were shaped like hands with fingers. These were appropriate for hands, although it meant that our person only had three fingers which children would know to be incorrect. next we examined what would be needed to make a face. We used some rubbish to make the round shape of the face, twigs for the hair and mouth, a stone for the nose and mushrooms for the eyes. The mushrooms would be a a high risk from a health and safety point of view as they could be poisonous and children could either eat them or pick them and the ingest some poison from their fingers.


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