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Interactive Whiteboards

My experience with interactive whiteboards personally has been rather limited. I have seen them used almost everyday in the classroom whilst working in a year 5 and 6 class, as something the teacher used naturally in lessons, which subsequently meant the children didn’t get excited about it because it was used so much (I suppose in a way this is good because it means that technology is becoming more of a natural resource in the classroom). It was useful for displaying writing, videos or pictures on a larger scale, or putting up an animated timer, and occasionally allowed the children to come up and have a go. But I have never really seen them used to their full potential. I think the word ‘interactive’ perhaps gets overlooked and in turn these whiteboards can become more of a large scale hi-tech white board that only the teacher is interacting with, when really it is the children who should be doing the interacting!

After Helen’s lesson and blog post on programmes and games that can be used on an interactive whiteboard, and having a little play myself on one, I am really intrigued and excited about using this tool in the classroom.

As a great lover of all things arty, I particular liked the document camera which allows anything you place under the camera to be shown on the IWB. This would be great for learning how to detail sketches, which would have been very helpful on our first teaching task in Professional Studies! But also would be great across the whole curriculum; showing and annotating children’s writing in literacy, investigating objects in science or looking at detailed maps in geography are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless!

I have had a little play around with the Smart Notebook software and even managed to make my own World Map game, albeit rather amateur. But I hope after a lot more exploring and playing around I will be able to create some really useful and exciting interactive resources!

My world map game. You have to find and click on the country that is displayed before the time runs out. Not bad for a first try…!



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  1. Helen
    Posted September 30, 2012 at 4:43 pm | #

    World map game looks good. Agree the word ‘interactive’ often gets forgotten.

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