Smart Boards: The incredible improvement since the blackboard and chalk.

Since last Monday’s session of learning about interactive white boards, our group consisting of Sam Watts, Paul Stewart and I, have been making resources for history.  Firstly I would just like to point that every school should invest in a smart board and secondly, for teachers a pupils alike, they are incredibly fun.

I have only had interactions with basic white boards which need a special pen for the use, however smart boards allow you to quickly use your finger, elbow and even your toes which when you can’t find that pen after wet play or a very interactive D&T lesson, is very handy.

It was this lack of need for a pen which instantly grabbed my attention as it was with my experience in school that batteries for these pens didn’t seem to last a while, causing another thing for teachers to remember.  Also I don’t tend to carry around a pair of AA batteries which could quickly be the end of my interactive maths lesson.

There are also so many features of the smart board which has so many benefits to the classroom it really allows each lesson to be bought to life with a huge supply of resources.   The features available on this easy to use piece of software really does allow for teachers to save time on creating exciting and practical lesson resources.

I think that it is a crucial piece of hardware and software which every school should invest in, without sounding too cheesy, the possibilities really are endless.