ICT in education on the rise?

At a time where ICT is everywhere and with the boom of the social network, I don’t think that there has been a greater emphasis needed for ICT in education.  Today in ICT I used a new tool called SMART notebook 11, which quite frankly is an amazing piece of software which allows ICT resources to be made for the computer on the computer incredibly easily!

With the use of this software, (which I hope I get to use in school and not a very old and difficult whiteboard), I thought it would be a good idea to blog about an article I found.  Ed Exec who look at the financial side of education have written an article about ICT funding within education and it is something which I found very interesting.

“A year on from schools stating their concern over the Government’s removal of ring-fenced funding for ICT, technology budgets across the UK are increasing, recent research has revealed.” This I thought was fantastic news as it would indicate that heads and the board of governors which decide where the money state schools receive goes, are seeing the need to invest in better ICT infrastructure.  This for any of you reading this is great news as it will allow us as educators to use and improve ICT within our classrooms.

ICT as I learnt today is such a versatile subject and can be used to benefit any subject within the national curriculum which I why I strongly believe it needs to be improved.  Ed Exec state “Looking ahead, the trend looks set to continue with 2013/4 ICT budgets forecast to rise by 3.3 per cent in primary and 2.8 per cent in secondary schools”  This is incredible as it would put the spending on ICT in schools at 254.6 Million.  With this amount of money so much can be done to improve ICT infrastructures within primary schools, however if I could have my way I would certainly increase this more due to the benefits to be had from a strong ICT structure within the primary school.