Fresh Start

So today I have started to write my own blog.  It was something I had sworn I would never do because I usually thought they were for musicians, artists and agony aunts.  After our lesson this morning with Gareth Honeyford, my opinion of this whole blogging idea has completely changed.  He informed us of the benefits of a blog and how professionally it can have huge perks.  Naturally, alongside the idea of being marked on our ‘Blog-Pholio’, here I am!!  This blog will be filled of educational ideas linking not only to ICT, which will be it’s main focus, but also other areas of the National Curriculum.  I will be talking about current educational affairs whilst throwing in resources I hope will benefit all of you reading this.  That is if anyone is actually reading this?…..  Anyway stay tuned for a number of blogs which you will hopefully find interesting mixing interesting and crucial information, written in a light and bubbly way.