Inspiring the future Andy Warhol

On Tuesday 9th October I was enlightened and saw the subject of art in a completely different way.  I have always agreed with art within schools as it allows children to be creative and use many different forms to display their ideas.  One topic however within art that has always bugged me is ‘digital art’.  I was always frustrated that someone who can take a photograph, and ultimately just change the original colour into bright, vibrant colours and call it pop art can make so much money.  I feel however that during my art lesson my ideals were changed when there was an aspect to the lesson where in groups we had to create our own digital image using different artistic effects such as pop art or collages.

It was due to this part of the lesson that I am blogging because quite frankly it was the most fun I have had in a lesson for a long while.  Not only did the lesson focus upon the use of ICT in the classroom and within art, it saw us go on an adventure with ICT which would make me look at art and society in a completely different way.

As a group of three including, Paul Stewart, Andy Humphries and I, we decided to take ICT within art on an adventure and use it outside of the classroom.  We thought that for our digital art, we would document our journey to the classroom from the entrance of the university, taking photos with the people that we met along the way.  This I must highlight was a journey which was both fun and educational as it taught all three of us a lot and would teach children a lot too if carried out within school on a differentiated task.

We started our journey at the gates with no images and no one around to even capture this moment, so within 15 seconds we had stumbled upon our first hurdle.  Then we saw a lady who was more than willing to capture the image of us three PGCE students posing with the university welcome sign.  From this moment on we never struggled to capture an image and never met a single person who did not want their image taken or to take a photo.

Not only did this lesson educate me about the incredible use of ICT within art and the versatility of it, but also it taught us of the friendliness of the people around campus, who you otherwise would never even have stopped and talked to.  It was with this that our horizons were broadened and our social skills which were needed to talk to each of the strangers were improved.

The task saw us end up with 42 images of us with complete strangers who were willing to help us, (once we had described it was for a PGCE project and we will be educating the young minds of tomorrow), and we ended up heading back to the classroom full of smiles and achievement.  We then used the 42 images to create three collages, (set in chronological order), mapping our journey from start to finish with the people we met.

This was a great lesson and an activity we enjoyed thoroughly and it is something we thought can be altered to suit young children in the classroom.  Children in groups can map their journey through school and document what each place signifies for them.

As a result of my earlier remarks about getting rich off something so simple and the frustrations it gave, my final thought is that it is in fact a great way to make money, educate and inspire.  People who do this for their career obviously enjoy it as we did creating our collage.  If making money comes as a consequence then I am not surprised so many people do it.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable task and we did it for free and I would again.  I recommend the task for any classroom as it allows ICT to be used in a subject where the more traditional forms of paint and pencils take form and allows the hint of modernity to be embraced by the future generations of Andy Warhol’s