I’m not a shark nor Klaus, but I know about internet safety.

So….Hello again, it has been a while.  Whilst throughout my PGCE I have thought that the ICT is very helpful, whilst undertaking my placements, keeping up with is has been difficult. I apologise and hope that these three posts certainly make up for my absence.  Quite a while ago know in ICT we learnt about internet safety, and whilst I believe it is incredibly important to promote internet safety, I never really understood how much of an issue it really was.  This however all changed when I embarked upon my second placement.

I was in year 6 for my second placement, and it was not until I heard some of the conversations in my classroom and in the playground, that I realised how much exposure children that young have to social networking sites and the general unprotected internet.  I recall one girl referring to FaceBook as FB and told another girl that she would “FB her the details of what time and where to meet afterschool.”  This really did worry me and I had to burst in an tell her about what I had learnt in ICT.  I mentioned how if her privacy settings are open, then anyone can see this and could easily meet her there and could be very dangerous.  This certainly seemed to shock the girl who I believe had just not really thought of the consequences of her actions, however, if naivety is the problem, this needs to be tackled.

She was only an example of what I had seen on placement, and it frightened me because it was quite a common occurrence between the older children in the school.  I know the school was very conscience about E-Safety, and did provide classes for children where they learnt about the dangers of the web.  This however, should be done very carefully because the internet is a very valuable source.  Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web stated that “the important thing is the diversity available on the Web.”  This I have to agree with, however, for the safety of our future generations, we must guard this diversity and channel it so that the children can use it as a tool, but most importantly a safe tool.

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