ICT applications and the application of ICT.

ICT is everywhere, and with the ever increasing availability of ICT, accessing applications is becoming very easy, and this leads to the next problem….WHICH APPLICATION DO I CHOOSE?????

Applications are everywhere, and with the creation of so many apps for the same job, choosing the right application is key…confusing….but key.  Which is the best camera application for your smartphone or tablet, which graphic design software is best for school laptops?  With all these choices it is hardly surprising that ICT coordinators in schools get confused regarding applications and software and always go for the standard RM software.  As much as RM has to be commended on the work it has done for school computing, moving away from RM colour magic is a must for a number of reasons.  Firstly when a child goes home and paint or another easily downloadable art product is downloaded, the children do not know how to use it.  If they get used to the standard products that come with educational computers,  then when they use home computers, the skills they have learnt are not transferable.  It is therefore important for ICT coordinators to use software that is readily available to the children at home.

I know when looking at ICT applications on school computers, there is the promise of children being able to have so much more at their fingertips, however there simply does not seem to be enough considering the amount that is available.  Applications are becoming much cheaper, and in some cases even free to educational institutes.  This is something schools often do not look into, and they should.  There are lots of applications out there and the need to search for them should be done.

I finish with this final point.  Applications come for everything and there are a number of applications for each idea.  So I can understand that selecting the right applications for school is difficult.  It must be remembered though, that access to applications that the children can use at home is important as it allows them to develop skills outside of the classroom and improve ICT away from school.

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