ICT Lesson – Linking my degree into teaching

Firstly, for this title to make any sense it might be worth me throwing some information out there.  I am officially a Historian by discipline.  When writing it, it does seem far more serious and boring than I could ever want to be which is why my enthusiasm, fun and energy is flowing throughout my teaching.  For three years I got to read lots of books about various parts of history ranging from the French Capetian dynasty, to the civil rights battles fought by JFK.  I do enjoy history and I love the discussion and opinions which come so naturally with the subject and the benefits the subject holds for the everyday classroom.  History provided me with a wide range of transferable skills which were not only developed throughout my degree, but firstly learnt at primary school.

I believe history plays a key role in developing children’s analytical, chronological and understanding skills which are transferable to all areas of the national curriculum.  I think there should be a big emphasis upon the subject due to the benefits it holds for so many subjects.  This could be due to a bias of opinion as a history graduate, or an educated opinion based upon its positives.

I do believe that in the current technological age we find ourselves, the age of the history book and previous research methods are slowly disappearing.  During the writing of my final thesis, the main resource I used was my computer.  It would be safe to say that without the use of my laptop my thesis would not exist and this is due to the research and recording that was done on it.  My thesis was “Why did John F. Kennedy introduce the Civil Rights Bill of 1963?”  The research I did for this was primarily from American articles and journals which had it not been for the internet, would not have been accessible to me.

This therefore highlights to me how important ICT is within history in terms of both research and data collection.  For my ICT lesson therefore, I combined my love of history with ICT and created a research lesson which allowed the children to complete a mini profile project.  The aim of the lesson was to work in pairs and research about a specific historical figure which was given to that pair and fill out a personal profile worksheet.  Each pair was given a different historical figure and the pairs were of mixed ability.  I found that the lesson worked very well as the children enjoyed researching about their figure and then reflecting upon this back to the rest of their peers.  The task saw them searching through information to gain the correct information that they needed to complete the worksheet.  I had within the resources accumulated a website for each historical figure which had both all of the information on needed, and that was also appropriate and safe for the children.

The lesson was a complete success with the children working together successfully to complete the task.  I feel that my knowledge of history allowed the lesson to benefit as I could answer questions the children had, I could also explain to them the importance of research and allow them to share my enthusiasm for the subject.

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