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Joe recommended I make animations to show my idea clearer. I followed up on this by learning how to make them on youtube.

The idea

Altering the ribs

I found that the ribs I had used were too long, I could reduce the material but still keep the same structural stability by shortening the top one. I had thought on this previously though, reasoning that it would be… Continue Reading →

Problems with testing

Something I have encountered in Solidworks was a meshing problem. Some of my components refuse to mesh with the rest of the device. The problem being that the triangles used to form the mesh have a hard time wrapped around… Continue Reading →

Wheel components

I went down to the workshop with Fritz to source a trolley, there was a rumour that an art student had one but had no use for the legs and wheels. It turned out to be true and we began… Continue Reading →

Minor alternations needed for the model

I realised that I had the wrong washers on the device, I was using M8 (to go around the spindle) but I should have been using M6 (to go around the screw). I’m going to reduce the caster main bolts… Continue Reading →

Rendering in Solidworks

For the rendering in Solidworks I consulted a few YouTube videos, after watching these for an hour while testing out what they said on a quick model a whipped up, I was ready to try on my device. While I… Continue Reading →

Post report thoughts

After completing the report I began to search for places to 3D or CNC print my device, I made some minor alterations to reduce the cost and clearances, for example, I merged the bearing sleeve with the casing, since the… Continue Reading →

Pin lid attributes

I was thinking about how to shape the pin lid and what would be the best way to deflect the force in kicks, I then was just playing with the idea of having a unique pin lid, I didn’t know… Continue Reading →

Cam taper, unused

An excellent idea I thought of was to taper the cam, this would allow the cam to gyrate without rubbing against the pin. I tried implementing this into my Solidworks model but I found it difficult to taper as this… Continue Reading →

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