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Pre-SW development

development that happens right before I enter Solidworks and start to really refine the design.

Timeline infographic

illustrator script

Unfortunately I had been the victim of a system crash without saving, it was then I discovered illustrator doesn’t possess a manual auto save, losing 3 hours of work is painful, but it happens to us all occasionally. Or so… Continue Reading →

Pin lid attributes

I was thinking about how to shape the pin lid and what would be the best way to deflect the force in kicks, I then was just playing with the idea of having a unique pin lid, I didn’t know… Continue Reading →


Here I was sourcing springs and choosing the right material for my device, the company I found was Lee Spring. They used a material I had never seen before though, I assumed that it was a grade of spring steel,… Continue Reading →

Ball catch as a pin head

A problem I had to address was the pin rubbing against the cam, I was worried that it would degrade the pin at un unsuitable rate. I spoke to Mic about this and he suggested looking at ball catches, these… Continue Reading →

progression of design

Here are a few key views that show the progression of the complexity and the design over time, after the final drawing, I worked in Solidworks to complete the rest, including the caster. The caster in these drawings was based… Continue Reading →

Idea in 3D

This is when I started to visualise my ideas in 3D, it was to help with the upcoming Solidworks I planned to work in, I started to refine the design and give rough measurements calculated from the shopping trolley I… Continue Reading →

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