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Product Experience Infographic

Semantics infographic

Timeline infographic

Theft prevention infographic

Current solutions

Mind maps and notes

I later updated these but turning them into infographics, this made them much more visually appealing

Report graphic

This was the graphic I used in my report, it denotes the fundamental mechanical nature of the design and links to the brand.

illustrator script

Unfortunately I had been the victim of a system crash without saving, it was then I discovered illustrator doesn’t possess a manual auto save, losing 3 hours of work is painful, but it happens to us all occasionally. Or so… Continue Reading →

Trolley animation problem and solution

When it came to the trolley animation I encountered a problem, the trolley changes angles at the bump, this causes spleening problems as it would appear that the trolley would hold this angled pose for the entire animation, it gave… Continue Reading →

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