After thinking about it, I came to realise that I haven’t actually researched the pros and cons of blogging in schools. I’ve really liked the idea of one day having a class blog with my own class, however I have not really looked at the positives and negatives of doing so…  (Getting a bit ahead of myself)… So I decided to do some research into blogging…

I found a great YouTube Video on blogging… And also lots of great articles…

Creative Blogs came up with the following positives for blogging in a school environment:

  • To celebrate pupils’ learning and achievements.
  • To provide real audience and purpose for children’s writing across the curriculum.
  • To promote standards in literacy and facilitate peer review.
  • To develop safe opportunities to collaborate with other schools and outside experts.tick
  • To encourage the wider community to get involved in the work of your school.
  • To offer visitors a ‘window’ into the everyday excellence that takes in your school.
  • To distribute the workload of maintaining a website more evenly across the school staff.
  • To give a platform for pupil voice to be heard and developed.
  • To allow stakeholders such as governors or parents’ groups to participate in the school’s web presence.
  • To provide a secure and authentic environment through which children can explore and learn about the world of digital literacy.

After reading through several articles; there are very few negatives that have been brought up. The following bullet points are issues that have been suggested related to blogging, I have written  some possible solutions in italic next to the issues.

  • crossInternet safety, and child protection – Children and parents can be educated on internet safety, the blogs can be kept private and only viewed by members of the school, and if necessary, children’s names can be kept from the blogs information.
  • Not all families have access to the internet, and therefore some families will be unable to access the
    class blog at home – if possible, the school could allocate mornings/evenings/lunchtimes for parents and families to come to the school to explore the children’s blogs. 
  • Not all families understand how to use the internet/blogs and may struggle – Schools could provide sessions for parents to educate them about blogs, and how they work. Information packs could be sent home to help parents and children work together on their blogs. 
  • Cost – Many of the websites available for creating blogs are either free or very cheap to use, the school could have a cake sale to raise the money to create a blog.

    I still believe that blogging is a fantastic idea in the classroom.

Reflection: Although there are several disadvantages or issues that could be related to blogging in the classroom, there are also simple solutions to these issues. After reading the comments on blogging in  the classroom, I believe blogging would be beneficial to a class, and I am looking forward to creating my own class blog one day!


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  1.    Sophie on February 19, 2014 9:07 pm      Reply

    I love the idea of having a class blog, including everything the children are doing with photos and information. Would never have even realised this existed this time last year, but now I couldn’t imagine not having one, especially with all of them positives you have found! I agree, it is a fantastic idea!

  2.    Katie on February 21, 2014 6:49 pm      Reply

    I would not have realised either before the session, I am definitely looking forward to starting up my own class blog!

  3.    Mr Sutton on March 7, 2014 4:23 pm      Reply

    Thanks for quoting my blog. On the e-safety issue, blogs are as safe as you want them to be. Having private blogs completely misses the point as the impact that blogging has on young learners is all around being exposed to a real audience. Here’s a piece I wrote on e-safety and blogging:

    Great blogging!

  4.    Katie on March 10, 2014 8:41 pm      Reply

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I could not agree more, a blog is made to be public and can be safe with the right precautions! I will take a look at your blog, thank you for posting the link!

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