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February 9, 2014 | 5 Comments

crosscurricularSince our final session of ICT, I have been looking out for different examples of where ICT is mentioned in other subjects across the curriculum. There were certain subjects in which I thought ICT would rarely be used, however my opinions have been altered throughout this term;

There are obvious examples of where ICT could be used across the curriculum; for example: taking photographs of children’s work or creating work on a computer (e.g. writing up a story online rather than on a piece of paper)… However there were other more specific examples that I have been made aware of!

During a recent art session, our lecturer mentioned having a scrap book online!! I didn’t even know this was possible (I suppose it’s a bit like a blog), but it definitely sounds like something I would want to try with my own class one day. The children take pictures of their work or just post the pictures they have taken that support their work.  This is just another way of children recording and storing their art. It’s also a fantastic way for art to be shared in the school community and the wider community. Here is an example of a Sketchbook Blog.

Throughout recent sessions of PE, it has been regularly mentioned that it is beneficial for children to record their routines in dance or gym, so they are able to watch their routine back. Recording routines could be beneficial for a number or reasons: for remembering the routine at a later date;  for self and peer assessment; for making improvements and also for sharing with others.

Phonics programs and games can be very beneficial to children. There are a number of brilliant, educational games on the Letters and Sounds website

Geography: geog
Apart from just looking at maps and pictures from around the world, there are many apps and programs that children can use.  For example: British airways created a program that allowed you to travel down your street as if on a plane. Google maps is also brilliant for geography.

These are just some examples of how I have seen ICT be used throughout our sessions at University.

In the Answer Garden below, please write any subjects where you have seen ICT being used across the curriculum, and any specific examples:

Cross Curricular ICT… at

In my current placement, the children at Moorlands Nursery School in Milton Keynes have access to a computer, and two iPads. The iPads are accessible to the children at all times, as is the computer. The children also have access to a large touch screen computer (a bit like an Interactive Whiteboard), the children must ask permission to go onto this computer, but are nearly always allowed access. The children also have digital cameras that are ‘theirs’, they are able to take pictures when they wish to. The children are also in charge of letting the practitioners know when the cameras need recharging; by putting the cameras in a seperate box. I really like this idea, as it shows the children that they need to accept responsibility for the technology they are using. I am excited to use more ICT throughout the rest of my placement.

Reflection: throughout my time in settings in placement 2a and 2b, and even my final placement in year 3, I will look for opportunities to use ICT in my teaching, across a range of different subjects!! I am excited to use a range of technology, including iPads, computers, interactive whiteboards and different apps and websites like PurpleMash. I am also excited at the prospect of blogging again next year, and excited to see what the next year is going to bring… 

the end

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  1.    Emily on February 9, 2014 9:09 pm      Reply

    Great ideas for using ICT across the curriculum. It’s definitely something to keep in mind when we’re in practice!

  2.    Alyson on February 19, 2014 9:44 am      Reply

    I will definitely be considering using ICT across the curriculum throughout my next placements and in the future!

  3.    Lyndsey on February 22, 2014 8:11 am      Reply

    I found this post very interesting and insightful

  4.    Andy on February 23, 2014 12:49 pm      Reply

    These are really good tools for use in the classroom. I wish I had these when I was at school.

  5.    Katie on March 10, 2014 8:46 pm      Reply

    Emily and Alyson, there really are some fantastic ideas for teaching using ICT – please let me know how you get on in our upcoming placement regarding ICT.

    Thank you Lyndsey, I am glad you enjoyed this post.

    Andy.. I wish I had been able to use some of these tools whilst at school too. They’re fantastic! At least I am lucky enough to teach using these different approaches!

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