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February 5, 2014 | 3 Comments

Today was the day we all presented our resources to the rest of the group! There were so many fantastic resources.. Different apps used, such as; PuppetPals, iMovie and many more. Others had created various resources, such as games, and one that I particularly liked was the ‘questioning dice’. A group made a dice asking specific questions about the book they had chosen. This is a really creative way of getting all children involved in answering questions, with a bit of a difference!! All of the class members 2 stars and wishhad done a great job of explaining how they would use their resources for learning across the whole curriculum. One resource that I particularly liked was: Hayley E, Hayley H, and Sarah’s. They had made a video based resources based around a book called ‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy’ by Lynley Dodd. One thing I really loved about their resource, was the fact that Sarah had asked her son to do the Narrators voice, which gave their resource such a lovely touch. It was easy to see how their resource could be used with children, and also created by children. Below is the video created by Sarah, Hayley and Hayley…

We were asked to come up with two stars and a wish (two positives and one area for improvement)… On many, if not all, of the resources it was easy to come up with several stars, however hard to come up with wishes as the resources were all so well put together.

Myself and my group presented our resource through the following PowerPoint presentation: What the Ladybird heard – Alyson, Emily and Katie. We had several stars (positive comments); for example: people stated they enjoyed being told the story an app creation, others stated they like the fact we had made a story to follow on after the trailer, others said they were impressed with our use of Popplet to display our thoughts of cross curricular development. We were pleased with the comments about our resources. The wishes (points for improvement), were more related to our presentation skills, than the actual resources we had made. For example: one wish was to not have used PowerPoint, and another wish was to have brought the book we used into the session. Which were points we would definitely consider in any future Presentations.

I must admit, when we were first given the task to create a resource, I was a little put off by the task in general. Thinking that I would not be able to create something with a professional edge. However, after seeing all the fantastic resources today, I was spot on in my previous reflection, that resources and creations through apps do not have to be perfect to have a positive effect. I have downloaded several of the apps we have used in the passed few sessions, and am looking forward to using them on our upcoming Spring Term placement!

Further Reading:

My chosen reading for this session was an article by Rachel Ager about ICT in the Early Years. And I found this article to be really interesting. One of the first lines states that children are now growing up in a world of technology, and are therefore most children Siblings Taking a Pictureare usually very knowledgeable and well experienced with the technology we present to them in setting. The article discusses that children will usually be able to figure out how pieces of technology (such as a camera) work before an adult can. One particular point that I found interesting in this article, was related to allowing children to pick their own pictures to display, rather than a practitioner or teacher picking for them.. It is important for a child to chose their own images and be proud of the pictures they have taken.

Another interesting point made in the article was related to the safety of equipment. When thinking about safety in ICT, I presumed that mostly meant internet safety, and trip hazards. However there is much more to ICT safety than that, for example: before reading this article, I was unaware children should not be allowed to handle rechargeable batteries. Another point made related to safety, was for the practitioner/teacher to ensure they demonstrated the correct safety precautions when around the children. An example mentioned in the article was: if children are asked to wear a neck band, or hand strap when holding a digital camera, the practitioner should demonstrate the same practice, leading by example.

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  1.    Naz Fojdar on February 23, 2014 4:03 pm      Reply

    I really enjoyed watching your ‘what the ladybird heard’ Puppet Pal, you all worked really hard and the narration was fantastic. It has inspired me to purchase this lovely story to use on my placement!

  2.    Colbie on March 10, 2014 5:45 pm      Reply

    This was one of my favourite puppet pals that our class created because you thought outside the box and had a child as the narrator. Such a brilliant idea!

  3.    Katie on March 10, 2014 8:42 pm      Reply

    Thank you Naz, we really enjoyed creating our Puppet Pal. I really enjoyed your groups animations too.
    I agree Colbie, their Puppet Pal was fantastic!

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