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March 22, 2013 | 1 Comment

In today’s session our task was to create a resource that we could use to help us teach related to a book. There are so many wonderful books that we could have picked, however we chose, ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson.¬† We had many different ideas of the types of activities that we could create and use with children. We considered creating a MonkeyJam video with puppets that had been made. We also considered making a PowerPoint presentation to help us to tell the story through pictures and sound clips. Finally, we decided on making an interactive whiteboard activity using SmartNote.

However first of all, we used a video of an underwater scene from the little mermaid, this scene incorportates a song. We said that we would have the children up and dancing, getting them active and ready to learn.

We then decided to create a SmartNote , to help us to teach around the book of sharing a shell. Here is a link to our SmartNote creation: Under Water World SN. We decided that we would create a game that the children would be able to participate in. We had a picture of the sea, and a picture of the land, along with several pictures of different animals (some that live in water, and some that live on land). The aim of the activity is for the children to drag the animals onto the place where they believe the animals live. Some of the animals also had sounds, so the children were able to hear what the animals sound like.

We discussed as a group how we would use this book to teach across the Curriculum.

  • Literacy¬†– puppets and story telling activities about the book.
  • Understanding of the World – sand and water tray with different underwater creatures.
  • Drama – role play area as a pirate ship, with dressing up costumes.
  • Social Development – a sharing activity, related to the book.
  • Art and Design – creating and decorating their own fish.

We also said that an aquarium visit could be incorporated into this type of topic.

Reflection: this session was extremely enjoyable, and I believe it was beneficial for us to be active in creating a resource that we could possibly use in the future. When we are all NQTs we will have to create resources and think of activities for the children to complete, and I believe today’s session has helped us to see what sort of thing we will be doing in the future.

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  1.    Tess on March 28, 2013 7:06 pm      Reply

    Really enjoyed this interactive session

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