Monkey Jam

March 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

In today’s session we discussed MonkeyJam and the uses of MonkeyJam in the classroom. Monkey Jam is a programme which is used to make still photos into a movie. Using a webcam or other digital camera, you take several still images of a scene, making small movements to the scene. The programme then turns the still photographs into a movie. Children would be able to make a movie about anything they like. The movies could be made about the work they have been doing in class, or they could make a MonkeyJam for fun. Teachers and practitioners could also make and use a MonkeyJam for a similar purpose.

During the session, we all had a go at making our own MonkeyJam video. Unfortunatley our video failed to save properly, so after downloading MonkeyJam at home, I have created a short clip to show how it works:

I believe that MonkeyJam is an extremely simple programme to use, and I believe it would be a good resource to use in Key Stage One and above. Once shown what to do, I believe that children would be able to use this programme unassisted. I would definitely consider using this programme in my future career teaching children!



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  1.    DrewJay on March 31, 2013 4:33 pm      Reply

    Hi Katie, I think MonkeyJam is a fantastic resource and can be used to help teach any topic imaginable. It was easy to use and I can see the children being engaged and involved.

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