Today’s session has been about gaming in the Early Years and Key Stage One. During my own education, games were always used as a reward or a treat. Or they were used at wet breaks and things like that. And I have seen them being used for the same sort of purpose in placements. But after today’s session, it is now obvious that games and other interactive activities can be used for more educational purposes.

There are hundreds of different games that could be used in the classroom,
– wii games
– nintendo games
– interactive whiteboard games

And there are so many different ways that these games could be beneficial. One thing, that I never actually thought of before today’s session, were how useful games can be when it comes to developing physical skills. Motor skills can be developed when using the wii for example. Fine motor skills can be developed when using the nintendo ds. Gaming also helps to develop a child’s hand-eye coordination. And if working with more than one person children will develop their social development through sharing and turn taking, also through team work and learning to follow rules.  As a group, we also discussed the fact that gaming can boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem and increase a child’s imagination. We also said how gaming develops an understanding and ability to use modern technology.

Gaming is not just about the consoles available but there are also games on the internet that are suitable for children, and plenty of these games are educational. The CBBC website has plenty of educational, suitable games for young children to play. There are games to help with phonics, numeracy and other curriculum subjects.

Today’s session has made me aware that games and such activities are useful for educational and developmental reasons, as well as for entertainment purposes. I would definitely consider using games in the future with children.

Further reading:
After today’s session I decided to research children and gaming, and found many negative opinions. Many people believe that gaming can cause children to become lazy as they have a lack of exercise, can cause children to become violent, and can cause health problems. There are also many discussion about children not getting enough sleep through TV, video games and mobile phones.

However, on The Guardian website, it says that “video games can stimulate learning of facts and skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking, which are important skills in the information society” (Booth, 2009). The Telegraph website also says a similar thing, and says that those children who play video games often have better hand-eye coordination and are better in comprehension testing.

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  1.    Becki on April 2, 2013 4:08 pm      Reply

    I really like the games that use gross motor skills, and there were more than I thought. I also agree that gaming helps children to understand and become familiar with modern technology.

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