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Today’s session has been about gaming in the Early Years and Key Stage One. During my own education, games were always used as a reward or a treat. Or they were used at wet breaks and things like that. And I have seen them being used for the same sort of purpose in placements. But after […]

Monkey Jam

March 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

In today’s session we discussed MonkeyJam and the uses of MonkeyJam in the classroom. Monkey Jam is a programme which is used to make still photos into a movie. Using a webcam or other digital camera, you take several still images of a scene, making small movements to the scene. The programme then turns the […]

The past two session have been about Interactive Whiteboards and Smartnote software, so I decided to combine the two in the same blog. And the past two session have been soooo much fun! The session on Interactive Whiteboards has opened my eyes to how useful and educational using this piece of technology can actually be. […]