As soon as I heard the word PowerPoint I began to switch off; as during my time at school, I experienced ‘death by PowerPoint’ in almost every lesson. I would hate to walk into a lesson and see a PowerPoint presentation on the board. And often the presentations would be long, boring and would make everyone in the class want to fall asleep.

Everyone will have a different opinion on how effective different programmes are and how useful technology is. Some people will believe that a particular piece of technology is useless, whereas others will believe that the piece of technology is essential when teaching in primary education. There are also mixed opinions when it comes to programmes such as PowerPoint.

Many people will have had a negative experience of PowerPoint, at some point in their lives. The term ‘death by PowerPoint’ is often related to the software. Many people have been bored, almost to sleep, by a PowerPoint of some kind, whether it be in school or at work.

In today’s session, we were taught ways in which to make a PowerPoint presentation fun and interesting. We were taught how to add pictures, animations, videos and sound clips, which all make a presentation more interesting and appealing. During the session we discussed that PowerPoints should be used sparingly and should not always be the main method of teaching, however they can be useful for showing photographs and facts that children need to know. PowerPoints can be useful for when starting a topic, as you can use pictures, videos and facts to show different information about a topic.

During the session we were asked to create a PowerPoint on the Polar Regions.  Here is the link to my presentation: POLAR REGION#

After today’s session, I have come to realise that the term ‘death by PowerPoint’ is not at the fault of the programme, but the creator of the presentation. Before today’s session I would not have considered using PowerPoint in a session with young children, because of my bad experiences with the programme. However, using the skills I have learned today, I believe I would consider using PowerPoint in the future.

Further Reading:
After reading Terry Freedman’s ‘25 Features of Outstanding ICT Lessons‘ I have come to the conclusion that it is important to plan ICT lessons thoroughly, for two main reasons. The first being to make sure that children are learning to their highest ability, and the second is to ensure that the children remain alert and interested throughout the session, maximising the amount that is being learned.

In the article Freedman states 25 features of an Outstanding ICT lesson. At the beginning of the article, he states that it’s not all about technology, but there are other aspects to an outstanding ICT lesson. Many of the points refer to having a range of resources for all abilities and ensuring pupils have enough time with the technology to be able to fully understand them. But one point that caught my eye, was ‘The teacher is brimming with enthusiasm!’, for a sucessful ICT lesson, the teacher must be enthusiastic and show an interest in ICT. After reading this article, I will try in the future to incorporate these points into my future ICT lessons.



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  1.    Holly on April 1, 2013 10:41 pm      Reply

    I definitely agree with the whole “death by powerpoint” view, but i totally agree with what you say, the session definitely changed my mind on it as well! 🙂

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