Thursday 23rd October

I have given myself some personal interim deadlines to ensure I stay on track:

06/10 = Have a clear understanding of the RSA brief and direction for concept proposal

27/10= Research and scoping complete and presented on boards

10/11= Concept generations ready to start rough modelling

24/11= Completion of rough concept development and CAD modelling

01/12= Prototype testing and design refinements

08/12= Production planning and Enterprise modelling complete

15/12=Final refinements and presentation boards for RSA submission

16/01= Project resolved and submitted

Thursday 23rd October self feedback

Looking at the order I have completed my work I would say for future projects it will be easier if I complete my innovation intent at the start of the project as I feel it would have made the creation of my graphic boards easier. This is because it would clearly state my intentions for the concept proposal so I am able to expand on these key points in each board clearly.

20/10 – 24/10

Used existing research and did some further research to produce the competitor analysis board; this shows the existing products for play and more specifically in chess designs. I then went on to re-write the RSA brief to produce my innovation intent. This lays out the key features that my design proposal will meet.

13/10 – 17/10

I used my research to produce a user persona profile, user experience map and project scenario schematic. Theses boards show the clear direction I am taking the RSA brief with my project and what type of concepts I will produce.

06/10 – 10/10

I did research and scoping into the key areas of my brief; this involved looking into user factors, technology, market factors and project triggers. The research I found most useful I filed in my research folder ready to help produce my graphic presentation boards for the interim deadline in 2 weeks time.

Tuesday 30th September

I read through the RSA briefs and made a decision on which brief I would like to use for my minor project submission. I have chosen the fair play brief which I then looked at in detail; picking out key facts that need to be explored. I will now go on to look into specific user groups the project scenario