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Play Therapy

Reasons why the TWIST AND PLAY area is suitably designed for children in Play therapy sessions at school are:

  • It separates the children’s educational desks to their therapy sessions; this helps to make the child feel comfortable and not scared to be there.
  • It is portable and compact so that it can be easily moved into the necessary room the session will take place in. Also it is compact when not in use and rotates outwards creating a larger space when required.
  • There is a top table for the therapist to stand or sit at to assess the child.
  • The child has the choice to sit or stand at the centre table or sit on the floor at the base which gives the child full control of how they wish to play.
  • There is a sand pit in the base and a whiteboard surface on the centre table for the child to use as expressive toys.
  • All the toys required for the session are stored with the table so they are easily accessed.
  • The area is brightly coloured so the attention of the child is held while in the session.


The TWIST AND PLAY area is primarily designed for the use in schools for play therapy sessions. However, there are secondary community’s that could find the area appealing. These could include communities where groups and clubs are held; at a location that isn’t always set up for children.

For example, some churches hold clubs where children can play at; so the TWIST AND PLAY area could be ideal for these. This is due to the fact it is portable and compact so can be stored out the way for the rest of the week. Also the seats and toys are stored with the table so everything the child would need is together ready.

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