Decision Trail FMP

Developed Concept

While thinking about what toys I wanted to incorporate into the table design I decided I wanted to include a sand pit. Sand is used in Play therapy as an expressive toy as it allows a child to play freely with full control of the outcome. So I decided that the base could include a sand pit; by putting the sand pit at the base of the table it also helps to solve the issue of weight. The sand pit will give the table enough weight at the base to stop the table from falling over when the table tops are opened.

sand pit solid works 2

The image shows how the table design would look with the sand pit at the bottom; so the sand pit would have a lid so that the table top can still be used. So you can see the size of the table looks different which means the storage box and seat heights will have to be adjusted as well.

Decision Trail FMP

Test Rig 1.

I made a 1:1 scale model so that I could see the full size that the table design would be; this also allowed me to identify problems I may face with the design.

FullSizeRendertest rig1test rig1.

The actual heights and diameters of the table tops are a good size so I was happy with that. I was also happy with the way the table looked when it was opened out. The test rig allowed me to see a few problems I need to resolve ready for the final design t though. The table tops have a small ledge to sit on to support them and I found they weren’t strong enough to support the table tops from tilting. So I need a deeper collar to give the table support. Also I may need a collar on the top of the table so that once the table is lent on it won’t topple over. Another problem was that the base needs more weight behind it to stop the table falling over when the top tables are simply opened out.