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Anthropometric Data

I was going to produce a full scale silhouette of my design but when I looked at the full size it didn’t seem right; so I took out a book on anthropometrics to research the size of the user again and recalculate the size.

The book is called: The Measure of Man & Woman- Human Factors in Design


I found that the sizing was slightly too large for the top and middle table so need to lower them; this means that the sizing will change for the seat/toy box as well. So I need to recalculate the full size for the developed table design; maybe producing a set of different sized tables.

Decision Trail FMP

Soft Prototype

I produced a 1:5 soft model of my table design to look at the movement, stability and size of the design.

FullSizeRender2 FullSizeRender1 FullSizeRender

I found that the stability of the table was an issue as when the top surface was rotated fully it was unbalanced so fell over. So now I need to decide either to just have one of the table tops to rotate or both to rotate 90′ so they counterbalance. Also it means the base needs to be heavier to keep it weighted down.

The model also gave me a rough idea of the size of the table and how the seat/storage container would stack on the table. I like the form of the table and how it looks when opened out so I just need to develop the structure/support for the table further.

Decision Trail FMP

Trip to Ikea

I decided to take a trip to Ikea to do some research into the bracket that could be used for the table to rotate


I found a kitchen cupboard that had a shelf top that would fully rotate; this bracket could work for my table design


IMG_0066      <—-This shows a video of the shelf and how it can move

This has helped me to understand what I would need to support the table design; there needs to be a bracket to support the underneath of the table and a collar on the top of the table surface to stop it from moving up or down. The bracket may need bearings to allow the table to move more freely.

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Things to consider

There are many details that need to be investigated now these include:

-The type of bracket that will be used to enable the table to rotate

-The support needed to stop the strain/stress on the table when lent on

-The material and thickness for the table tops

-The tubing whether it will be a stock size?

-What size the castors will be and the safety of them (are they lockable?)

-What the storage box will be made of and how its manufactured?

-Colours that will be used in the design (many variations of the design?)

-What types of toys will be in the storage box?

-What the production size will be?

Decision Trail FMP

Toy Fair

Thursday 22nd January I attended the toy fair at Olympia London. This enabled me to see different toys that are on the market for children and talk to some people that work with toys. One of the guys I talked to at the fair was from ‘Cloud B.’ This is a company that manufacturers soothing toys for children through the use of sound, sight and touch which was quite interesting.

Also the fair helped me to see different colours that were used for children, I found a lot of bright colours were used to catch the child’s attention. For the age range 4-6years which my product would be designed at I found the primary colours were used throughout.

Decision Trail FMP

Initial Concept

Through research and writing my rough intent statement I have decided that I want to design either a play table or toy for the use in play therapy sessions in schools. After having a group discussion and talking to Sarah who works in a School with special needs. I found out that some schools don’t have set areas for therapy sessions and the spaces they do have are very small. So I have decided that what I’m designing will be easily moved around and as compact as it can be so that it  can be used in different areas that are available.

Throughout the Christmas break I  did some initial concept sketches for my design proposal, this post shows the design I’ve decided I will develop further.



The design is a 3 part table where the top 2 tables can rotate outwards; this means the child can choose to either sit on the floor and play, sit at the middle table or stand at the top table and play. Also there is a storage box with toys in that are used in play therapy and a soft play seat; they can both sit on the table tops out the way when stored. The design is also on wheels so that it is easily moved around into different rooms.