Decision Trail FMP


When in my second year of Product Design I entered one of my projects into a design competition in the summer of 2014. The project that I entered was a mobile phone design called baby bond; I entered it into the Mobile Phone awards 2014. My design was then shortlisted into the top five designs and during the summer I went to London where the winner would be announced. The design I produced was designed around helping the on the go mum; so was designed specifically for the use by women. After going to London I found that my design came 2nd which I was very happy with. The reason I believe I did so well was because I felt so strongly about the theme of the design; designing for women and children.

I came to the decision that I wanted to carry on with the theme of designing for women and children. I started researching into different themes around women. I looked into designing something for women in pregnancy to women in less developed countries that may have problems in every day life. I was still unsure specifically what route to go down.

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