Decision Trail FMP

Intent Statement

Now that I have decided that I will be designing for young children in play therapy sessions I have produced a rough draft for my statement of intent that I will help me focus on exactly what I want to design.

Statement of Intent

Project Scenario

The aim of the project is to design a play table/toy that will be used in play therapy sessions for children. This play equipment will help the development of children in their therapy sessions. It will allow the children to develop social skills and express their feelings/emotions. It will give the children in play therapy sessions a specific area that is theirs to play at.

Design Criteria

  • For children age 4-6years old in play therapy
  • For use in therapy rooms/sessions
  • Has to be engaging, relaxing and comfortable
  • Allows room for expression
  • Environments the Play table will be used:-In school sessions
  • -Private Therapy sessions

Enterprise Scenario

There are a few options for where the play table will be used as there are different Play Therapy environments. It could be produced directly for a Play Therapy association who work privately or through the NHS. It could also be produced for use in a School environment.

Project Process

There would be user group testing to see how the Play Table proposal would work with the target market; this would be either with children of the correct age or with adult professionals in that field. The proposal would be presented to the adult to receive feedback.


The first outcome of the project would be some soft prototyping to use for testing to see how the proposal would work. Then there will be a 1:1 scale CAD model to show the visuals of the concept. These models will allow time for final refinements/modifications before the final model is produced. The final concept will be produced at a 1:1 scale; this could then possibly be used in user group testing.

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