Decision Trail FMP

Target Market

The target age range I will aim the project at is children between the age of four and six years; they will benefit the most through this type of therapy based on Piaget’s Learning Levels.

Four to six years of age places the children in the Preoperational stage of Piaget’s learning levels. In the Preoperational stage children believe that objects such as dolls and teddy’s have emotions and feelings. In this age range children don’t use make believe so their play represents a reflection of their own lives. Their thoughts, feelings and expressions can be represented using objects and events. So this means at this age Play therapy can be used to gain an understanding of the child’s present problems and help to resolve them.


As I am looking a such a young age group in Play therapy I have decided I want to decide some sort of play table for the children to use in their sessions. There are different environments that Play therapy can be used; I would like to design for the use in Schools.

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