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Toys used in Play Therapy

There are different types of toys that can be used in play therapy so it’s very important that they are selected with care; different toys can be used to treat different problems. The use of the toys means that the children can creatively express themselves which removes the need for verbal communication that some children find hard. By keeping the child’s attention and interest in the play it allows the therapist to gain contact with the child; which allows them to assess the child thoroughly for their needs.

The types of toys used in play therapy can be categorized into three different groups:

Real life toys which allow the child to act out real life situations and events that have caused them problems; this allows them to relate to the situation, these include puppets and dolls.

Aggressive toys  which allow the child to express frustration and anger; these include toy soldiers and foam swords.

Emotional and expressive release toys which allow the child to express how they are feeling; these include sand and building blocks, where different children will produce different outcomes when given the same materials.

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