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Final Post

This is my final post before I submit my blog for marking.

Firstly, I would like to comment on the idea of blogging. When we first started ICT, and I was told that we were going to have to blog every week for our assignment, i wasn’t too impressed, however as the weeks went on, I found the whole process a lot easier and actually started to enjoy it. I have gained a lot of confidence in blogging in general, as well as improving my knowledge on the subject, for example using things such as Popplet which are online, as well as learning how to embed things to add them on to my site. Now i have carried out blogging for one assignment, I would love it if all assignments could be done in this way!

As well as blogging, I have learnt a lot within the session of how ICT is completely cross-curricular and how different resources can be used in different ways, for example Smart NoteBook and Monkey Jam. I will take everything I have learnt from the sessions and use them in my own way when I qualify and have my own classes as a teacher.

One of the main things I will take away will be the impact that Internet safety has on the lives of children. Before this course, I knew that the Internet could be dangerous for children in a number of ways, but now i know the severity of the situation and it is a lot worse than I origonally thought. In my future career I will be taking this very seriously, and be doing everything I can to protect the children I teach.

As well as my own blog, I have found it extremely interesting to look at the blogs of other members of my class and how they have interpreted the sessions as well as any extra information they have found around the sessions. Seeing the comments that other members have put on my blog with their thoughts and feelings has also helped me to feel confident with my blog.

From what I have seen during my time blogging, I feel it would be a valuable resource in the classroom to communicate with the children and the parents, for example letting them know about the topics we will be doing, extra activities the children could be doing at home to help learning, and any websites etc which are useful for the children.

I am looking forward to learning a lot more about ICT in the future and using it in my career, as well as carrying on my blog. But for now it is goodbye from me!

I would just like to leave you with a video about the history of technology in education…