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Session 3: Sharing and Evaluating

For the final session of ICT for Year 3, we filmed our final pieces for our story of ‘The Ugly Duckling’. We also made activities for the children to carry out using the ideas from our curriculum map.


This was an activity we made based around the book using the Smart Notebook programme. As it is interactive, we thought this would be a good activity for the children to carry out on the interactive whiteboard, and the idea is that the children have to take the animals from the book and decide whether they live on the water or on land by moving them, and also then adding the correct label to the animal.

We finally decided to use ‘Puppet Pals’ to make our video on the iPad. Puppet pals was extremely easy to use:

  1. First you have to find a picture, either off the internet or from a gallery, and then these need to be cut around.
  2. Then when you have all your characters you can upload a background.
  3. Then, you can add characters on and off the screen by putting them on to the stage. Just press record, use your fingers to move the characters and speak at the same time to record the film. Characters can be flipped, can grow, can shrink and can move all with one finger.

Click here for a detailed YouTube tutorial on how to use puppet pals.

This was our final video for ‘The Ugly Duckling’


I really enjoyed using the Puppet Pals App on the iPad, and I believe this would be a great resource for children to use throughout Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, and even upwards through the school. There was only one problem we encountered when using this App, and that was shrinking one of the characters too small, that we couldn’t then fit two fingers on to enlarge them again, meaning we had completely lost that character. This will be something I will be careful of in the future.
As well as being easy to use, it is also a lot of fun finding the characters, making them your own and adding funny voices over the top.
Overall, puppet pals was a success and I would recommend this App to anyone.

Once we had made everything, we then carried out a sharing session at the end so everyone could look at everyone else’s activities and videos they had made. I really enjoyed seeing the outcomes from the rest of the groups, because every activity and video was completely different from the last, with every individual putting their own spin on what they had made and the book they had chosen, and I would like to say Well Done to everyone in the group for what they have completed in the 3 sessions!