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It’s Not About the Gadgets – Why Every Teacher Should Have to Integrate Tech Into Their Classroom

This is a blog all about the importance of how technology is used in the classroom, rather than the resources being available but not being used efficiently.

It’s Not About the Gadgets

The blog on this site talks about their experiences of seeing ICT in the classroom, but not using it as it should be used.

For example, one section talks about how teachers let their students type something on the SmartBoard and think this counts as integrating tech into their lessons, but they disagree with this, and suggest it is too limited. They suggest that integrating properly is when a student films a video for example to show learning rather than making a poster.

It also talks about the need for proper training, as there is no point having a classroom full of ICT technology if the teacher of the class doesn’t know how to use them so the students can develop through them to their full potential.

This is an interesting article, and has made me think about the way I have witnessed teachers using it in the classroom. I agree that teachers may think it is enough to have a lesson including the SmartBoard, but unless children actually have the chance to explore and have a go on their own, they aren’t engaging with the technology enough to be learning from it.

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