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Article: Technology in Early Childhood: Advice For Parents and Teachers

There is an article online discussing the age at which technology is appropriate, when it is appropriate and how it can be used within the classroom as well as at home and in other settings.

Technology in Early Childhood: Advice For Parents and Teachers

I particularly like this quote:

“Technology should not be an isolated activity, but should instead become part of the daily classroom routine, enhancing and expanding lessons”

This really hits home about the importance of integrating ICT into the classroom, rather than trying to teach it is a separate subject. Due to the fact that ICT can support children in all areas, it should be integrated into the cross-curricular curriculum.


However, it does speak about the different types of ICT, for example screen media where children are passive watching TV, and hands on media such as photography where children are involved and learning from what they are doing. I agree with this, as I do believe that television is an easy option to keep children quiet and occupied. However, in school ICT needs to be judged as to whether this will be the most beneficial task to children at the time, or whether a non-ICT based activity would suit better to the needs of the child at the time.

Overall, the article makes some really good points about ICT being very beneficial for children, as long as the teachers and parents ensure they are using it to enhance learning rather than just having it there as another option for children to use.

For me, this is an interesting article, due to the fact in University, even on the blank lesson plans we are being told to try and fit ICT into all areas of the curriculum to enhance the lessons, and although I agree with this, the article makes me question whether I am adding the ICT element to make the lesson look better, and whether the children will actually benefit anymore from using the ICT. When I go into my next school experience, this is something I am really going to have to think about when planning ICT within my sessions.

Article: How the iPad Can Transform Classroom Learning

There is a very interesting article online about how iPads can not only be a tool for teaching, but also a tool for children to become independent learners, while giving the teachers a chance to use the same equipment to assess the children at the same time.


How the iPad Can Transform Classroom Learning

In this article, Ben Johnson describes the vast ways that children can use the iPads in a variety of different ways from just one task, from finding out information, using this information to gain results, make a graph using these results, talk to other members of the class to compare their results and even find online lectures.
Although this is too complicated for an Early Years group, the same concept can be put into place, using apps for specific subject, and allowing them to carry out educational games during their free flow play would be a great way to incorporate the play into their learning of a specific subject as well as ICT.

As well as the students, the teachers can use the iPad to assess the children, taking pictures, making notes, and even videoing the children, not just while they are using the iPads but throughout the day.

This has really made me think about the wide range of possibilities the iPad can bring to the classroom, and I will definitely be carrying out further research and collecting as many apps as i can to use when I am qualified.

Article: ICT in the Early Years

This is a very insightful article, written by a Rachel Ager, who talks about the growing need to actually teach children how to use ICT, rather than assuming because it is all around them now they will learn on their own.


Rachel discusses the adult’s role and the way they can teach children, while letting them play and discover at the same time, for example using questions such as: ‘what would happen if I pressed this button?’. I feel this is a great way for children to explore ICT and learn how to use it, without feeling they are being forced to learn the skills, or even know they are learning at all.

There is also a Health and Safety section at the end of the article, which discusses some of the issues which may not normally be thought about in a setting, for example not leaving children unattended with rechargeable batteries, or checking all plug sockets are safe.
It also touches upon the rules which could be put into place with ICT resources, e.g. a time limit on each resource to ensure a range is used and all children get to explore, as well as rules to keep the equipment safe, for example using the neck strap when taking pictures with a camera. For me, the time limit on resources for each child is a brilliant idea, due to the fact there is always that child in foundation stage who will run to the computers during free play, and stay on these until called for an activity. It is great that they are using ICT, however they may not know anything about how cameras work, so need to explore a range.

Overall, I found this article very interesting, and I will be using the ideas and information within this in the future when planning ICT sessions / activities as a reference point.