Funny Bones Resources

During this session, the whole group was split into groups and given the task of choosing a book and making resources around this, as well as presenting the ideas to the rest of the class.

Holly and I were given the task of making resources for the book Funny Bones between us.

Once we had the ideas of what we were going to do, we decided to split the jobs so i made the PowerPoint and Holly made the Smart Notebook Resources.

When making the PowerPoint, I found a good video that could be shown to children to give them an introduction to the book, whether they had read it before or not.



Here is the PowerPoint we made for the Funny Bones Story to present to the class:

Funny Bones

Finally, here is the Smart Notebook activity we made for the children to use on the Interactive Whiteboard:

Funny Bones

The idea of the Smart Notebook activity is so the children can either use the pen or their fingers to move the body parts around and put the skeletons back together.

I really enjoyed this lesson, and if we had more time there could have been hundreds of activities we could have found or produced around this book, as well as more ways of presenting to the group for example using a Popplet for the different areas of development.

As well as our Funny Bones activities, there was a lot of other great presentations and ideas from the other groups in the class based around other well known books.