First Year 2 Session! Embedding Technology

Hello again!

We have all returned from the summer and have began blogging once again. We only have three sessions this year, but hopefully I will have a chance to build on my knowledge of ICT , and use what I have learnt in Year 2 in my 2a and 2b school experiences.

During the first session of ICT for Year 2 of our course, we spoke generally as a class about what ICT we have seen in schools, whether it is in a positive way or a negative. From this class discussion, I heard a lot of opinions of ICT, both positive and negative, but some also in a perspective I hadn’t thought of before, which I found extremely interesting.
From my own experience, the time that has stuck with me was when being observed by my PAT and school mentor during my 1b school experience, and the Interactive Whiteboard decided to freeze midway through the lesson, leaving me to make the quick decision to turn the children round and carry out my backup activity! From that moment forward, when planning ICT I make sure I always have a back up activity available.

After this, we were then given our group tasks, and we have been given the task of either retelling a book, making a trailer or adding an alternate ending to a book, using different resources such as computer programmes or different apps on the iPad.

A few examples which are excellent to use with children in Early years or KS1 could be:

  • I Can Animate App
  • iMovie App – this is brilliant for making movie trailers, as all the themes etc. are already installed.
  • VideoScribe
  • Puppet Pals
  • Explain Everything
  • Colins big cat books
  • Strip Designer
  • Comic Life

The four of us in our group, Me, Holly, Charley and Emma all decided to use the iMovie app on the iPad to create a trailer for ‘The Ugly Duckling’, which we shall be carrying out during session 2.