Session 2: Curriculum Applications

This week during ICT, we looked further into using ICT specifically for Communication, Language and Literacy in the Early Years, and how it can be used for a story.

In our groups, we had the task of choosing a story, making a curriculum map around the story using ICT and coming up with an idea to either make a trailer or re-tell the story, or a similar idea using the app’s and computer programmes we discovered last week. This week we practiced using the apps to decide which ones we were going to use and also made our curriculum plan.

Firstly, we decided to use ‘The Ugly Duckling’ book, as we knew the majority of the class would be familiar with the subject, and we thought the moral of the story was lovely for an Early Years environment.

During this session, we decided to practice making a trailer using the iMovie app on the iPad. This app is quite an easy app to use, where you can choose the theme you want and it brings up a range of boxes, telling you to add writing, take pictures or take videos, and how long each video should last. Once this is completed, it makes the trailer for you:

Towards the end of the session, as a group we decided to quickly make a trailer using us as the characters. This was made quickly without much planning, but it gave us the general idea of what could be done with this iPad App if planned well and time was taken over it.

We liked this App, however we would like to have more freedom over how we set out or video, rather than being told to take a picture in one frame, then a 2 second video in another. Because of this, we decided that next week we will try a different App to record the story as a video rather than making a trailer.