Using ICT in Science

During a Science session at University, we were given the task to use ICT to assist us with a misconception.

We chose the misconception based on shadows, with children not understanding that shadows are an absence of light. To do this, we decided to use the book ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ as inspiration. To make the video, we simply used cardboard to cut out the bears and the bed, stuck these onto long straws and then used the iPad and a torch the record the video. Here it is:

Although the video was quite simple, and we only used the camera to video rather than a downloaded App, I feel the video is quite effective, and could be adapted and used for a variety of different subjects across the curriculum. In my opinion, using ICT should engage the children more than the teacher just explaining, which should then hopefully fuel the children’s interest as they can see the bears and relate to the story, and hopefully they will gain a better understanding.

2 thoughts on “Using ICT in Science

  1. Really like how you showed how ICT can be used cross curricular. Its a loevly idesa to allow children to record their investigations or themselves telling the story as you have.

  2. Thank you Sarah. I really think activities like this should be used more for children to be creative with ICT across the curriculum!

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