Early Years ICT – Where to start?

This is an interesting Article all about ICT in the Early Years, in the specific areas of development. It includes links to other websites that could be useful to Teachers and Early Years Practitioners who are looking to use ICT.

Where to start?

Communication, Language and Literacy:

Under this section, it is talking about using technology in the setting to reflect the real world, for example phones etc. As well as letting the children use the computers to write e-mails etc. as this is the norm for most people today, and it integrates ICT with the children’s literacy and imagination skills.

Creative Development:

This section talks about using a wide range of ICT rather than just the usual computer programmes. For example using camcorders to record imaginative play in the role-play area. This can hep them build confidence with their creative skills.

Knowledge and Understanding:

The article talks about the different types of resources children can use to look at the world around them and their lives. For example, looking at living things by taking photographs and recording them. A good example they have suggested is placing waterproof webcams or camcorders in an area of the playground with wildlife, so they can look through the footage afterwards and see the insects wildlife behaving differently to how maybe they would act with people around, or at night time rather than the day.


The Maths section focuses mainly on programmable toys such as floor robots,  to look at problem solving, direction, and counting etc. As well as being educational, these can also be very fun for the children to play with.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

An example of this is using programmes such as paint on the computer to draw pictures, and printing these off to keep or show in a display, as this will give the children a confidence boost and they can feel proud of what they have achieved using the ICT technology.

Physical Development:

This section is based more on helping the children gain confidence to carry out more physical activities to develop their skills, rather than ICT which helps Physical Development directly.
An example they have put it similar to the Creative Development, where they can record the children carrying out physical skills for them and their parents to watch back so they can feel proud of what they have achieved, and once they have seen that can do it it may inspire them to carry on and even try other physical activities.


I have found this Internet article very useful, and it has made me think about the different ways ICT can help throughout the curriculum. As well as the information I have wrote about, there is a link for more information under every section of development, as well as other general links at the bottom of the page.

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