Peer assessment within ICT

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When we look at peer assessment it is evident that it can be carried out in numerous ways. I feel that it is essential that peer assessment is used in all subjects across the curriculum. I feel that it gives children an opportunity to share their work and receive comments and feedback from others. It also involves the speaking and listening element of the curriculum For example using the approach of 2 stars and a wish enables individuals to give positive feedback and constructive criticism.

From watching the video posted on Helens blog it is clear that peer assessment has many advantages. For example the video discusses that children can use a variety of programmes in ICT  to create their own project. This allows pupils to use their imagination and helps to develop their creativity. After creating their projects peer assessment can help to teach pupils how to give constructive criticism and positive comment about a piece of work. In turn positive comments can help boost the self-esteem and confidence of an individual, which gives them a sense of achievement.  The video also demonstrated that strong home-school links can be made by using ICT.

David Dunn explained various ways of using peer assessment in the primary classroom in an article in Teach Primary. Some of the ways he suggests included:

  • Three stars and a wish
  • The feeback sandwhich
  • Pleanry buddies
  • Chat it

Therefore peer assessment can be beneficial to use in the classroom however I believe that it needs to be modelled correctly first in order for the pupils to understand what is being asked of them.

Lastly, from looking at the blog checklist I can that I have tried to embed various media such as images and videos that are relevant to my blogs. I have also included relevant links and tags. More importantly blogging has helped me to develop my own ICT skills and has given me a great insight into how blogging can be used in the classroom. An article in the Guardian (Blogging in the classroom:why your students should write online) suggests that ‘Student blogging is powerful and stimulating and enriching.’

I would be grateful if people could ‘peer assess’ my blog posts and I would welcome any tips or advice to help with my future blogging!

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  1.   sam said,

    on January 21st, 2013 at 12:21 pm     Reply

    Hi Sarah your blog is amazing, My two stars are * very informative, * Showcases your ICT abilities and my wish for your blog is : to inject some of your infectious bubbly personality into your blog.

    Loving your blog. x

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