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Posted by Emma | Posted in Curriclum Stories | Posted on September 30, 2012

I came across a news article on the BBC website about programming in schools.  After reading Helen’s blog in the first week (regarding ideas for a new curriculum) I can highly reccomend listening to this article which looks at programming clubs in schools.  It seems that there are clubs cropping up across the country, and they are becoming ever increasingly popular.  With the growing use of ICT, it seems logical that we introduce children to aspects of it others than using programmes.  Let’s allow them to be creative with ICT and learn how to make programmes!  I love the idea personally, even though I wouldn’t have a clue!  Maybe the school in the article had the right idea, get a professional in?!

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Great blog Emma 🙂
I enjoyed the BBC news article thank you for sharing! I share your enthusiasm for a creative approach to ICT within school especially allowing children the opportunity to learn programming. I also share your lack of knowledge in this specialist area so really enjoyed using the software Scratch. This software makes the idea of teaching programming seem like a plausible option. As the BBC article touches on the view point of poor ICT in schools being nothing more than an opportunity to teach what some may describe as outdated office skills, I have to admit to a neccessity for well planned/delivered quality ICT within schools. Our society in the majority runs on if not heavily interacts with ICT on a daily working basis, our primary school children need to be prepared for taking their place in our computerised communities and wider society.

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