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After today’s session I felt a lot more confident in my knowledge of the terminology of computing. I have also been able to explore the BBC Bitesize website to consolidate and extend my own knowledge. It offers simple yet effective ways of exploring the different components within computing. I was also able to read the […]

Digital literacy is an important part of manipulating media and demonstrating to children the ability to combine media, and how it can be done in a meaningful way. The article expresses the idea of children using digital media to express their ideas and enrich their learning alongside other activities. The article focuses on Bridgewater primary […]

After today’s session we were directed towards an interesting article; Do young children need access to computers as much as they need to play with sand and water?┬áby ┬áPreston, C. and Scott Baker, M.. The article firstly discussed the new National Curriculum which was brought in, in September 2014, and how ‘ICT’ is no longer […]