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After the session I was able to explore the website infant encyclopedia. The website is focused on the Early Years Foundation Stage and offers many different resources and ideas linking to themes which are most commonly taught within the EYFS. The site is colourful and engaging for the children. It also uses pictures as well […]

In today’s session we were able to create 2 resources based around the book Owl Babies. Working collaboratively as a group we were able to discuss the ideas of making a monkey jam and an interactive whiteboard (IWB) resource. We split the group in 2 to work in pairs to create each one. I was working with […]

Today we have been looking at and exploring the interactive whiteboard with particular focus on the programme SmartNotebook. When being in schools I have not personally had that much experience with using the interactive whiteboard as they were not in place when I was in school. However with being on placements I can see that they are […]


February 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

Today we have been learning about how to use PowerPoint and the need to ensure that it is effective and engaging to the learner. It is important that you are able to use many of the features in PowerPoint so that it is fun and interactive. When looking at the tools in PowerPoint I was able […]