MIRRORI can not believe how quickly the past 3 years at University have gone. Within computing and ICT I have developed a wealth of knowledge and gained many different resources which I am going to be able to use this within the classroom. This can be done through both plugged and unplugged activities to enhance the learning of the children. The different sessions throughout the three years have covered many topics which I had not previously thought of, for example gaming in the classroom. As well as those which I was unsure about approaching, for example e-safety. I feel I am now prepared to teach both of these topics to children, because of the knowledge which I have acquired. I also feel that I have been able to develop my bank of resources through gaining many apps for the iPad and websites that can be used in the classroom to enhance the learning. As well as those that children can use within their free-flow play, especially within the Early Years.

The Google Communities page and Resource Bank will allow me to keep accessing the resources made by everyone throughout their time at university, so I am able to use these in my upcoming teaching placement as well as getting ideas from them to use in my future teaching career.

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