After the session I was able to explore the website infant encyclopedia. The website is focused on the Early Years Foundation Stage and offers many different resources and ideas linking to themes which are most commonly taught within the EYFS. The site is colourful and engaging for the children. It also uses pictures as well as writing to represent each theme to aid those children who still have difficulty with reading.

mainI decided to explore the theme of Bonfire night, as this is a topic which is currently being taught in schools, with Fireworks night fast approaching. To teach this the site offers videos, activities and gives information. The information that is provided for the children is basic facts about Guy Fawkes and who he was and how bonfire night came around. The information can be read to the children, if they struggle to read lending itself to being more accessible. I particularly enjoyed the video about fireworks safety, as it was colourful, fun and engaging for the children;

Bright spark – follow the fireworks code from Parkfield Primary on Vimeo.

I also explored the theme of autumn and harvest, which was available on the website. This offered many of the same resources and basic information about the topic to the children. This was also easy accessible and simple for ¬†young children to be able to grasp and understand. I particularly enjoyed the signs of autumn activity, which allowed the consolidation of learning as children had to label different pictures, which were given as a ‘sign of autumn’.

signs of autumn


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  1.    Sophie on November 7, 2014 5:08 pm      Reply

    I agree with your subject about when to use ICT, as I sometimes feel on placement I need to add ICT in somewhere to ‘look good’. However, ICT may not always be needed, and like you said in this post you can’t always differentiate properly in all activities using ICT. I think it is really important to make sure ICT is only included when it can really enhance the learning.

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