After today’s session I felt a lot more confident in my knowledge of the terminology of computing. I have also been able to explore the BBC Bitesize website to consolidate and extend my own knowledge. It offers simple yet effective ways of exploring the different components within computing.

I was also able to read the first chapter in the book by Bird et al. (2014) called algorithms and computational thinking in KS1.

‘Although terminology is used for clarification, it can also serve to be a hindrance to embracing new ideas.’

The first line of the chapter is able to sum up the use of terminology. It is important that children are able to learn and understand the use of the terminology that is used within the subject, however it is also important that they are able to explore and embrace the new idea to ensure this is learnt before they are able to use and understand and use the terminology. This is to ensure that the terminology is used correctly to identify the correct concept.┬áThe chapter also discussed the idea of clarifying the terms used within the new National Curriculum related to computing, and giving guidance for professionals to be able to meet the needs of the new curriculum by making the learning suitable for the age range which they are teaching by embedding the learning into ‘good practice’.

 Bird, J., Caldwell, H. and Mayne, P. (2014) Lessons in Teaching Primary Computing. Sage, London

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