Digital literacy is an important part of manipulating media and demonstrating to children the ability to combine media, and how it can be done in a meaningful way. The article expresses the idea of children using digital media to express their ideas and enrich their learning alongside other activities.

The article focuses on Bridgewater primary school in Northamptonshire and how they have used digital media to enhance the learning of all children across the curriculum, throughout the school. Bridgewater used ICT and media to create a ‘bridgecraft’ virtual world for avatars, based on the game ‘Minecraft’. Each year group were given a different element of the world to create using a range of physical and digital artifacts. The project incorporated computing, science and art, to create their worlds.

The tasks the children were set included them to be able to use a range of apps in combination with each other. I feel this is a complex idea to get children to carry out, however the article makes it seem plausible. However the learning could be taught through scaffolding to ensure the children know how to put the different app creations together.

‘The media capabilities of tablets have the potential to support different modes of learning and that this versatility supports learners of all abilities. Tablets support anytime, anywhere learning and, when integrated with curriculum subjects in a purposeful way, they can extend learning beyond the classroom to informal learning contexts outside school. In addition, the process of engaging with media production can deepen children’s awareness of the role of media in society and develop their critical understanding. ‘ (Caldwell; in press). I feel this quote optimizes the use of ICT and technology within school and how it supports children’s learning.

The article summarizes the key point as; putting children in control of pursuing their passions and sharing their creations. The Bridgewater school project has shown how this can be put into practice through a structured challenge of children working collaboratively, to use both digital technologies enhanced by physical art to amplify the learning.

After reading the article, it has got me interested and excited about how we are able to combine media to create something. I found it incredibly interesting to read how the school had used the different medias enhanced with physical art to create a whole school project. This would be something that I would be very interested in, and want to incorporate into my teaching into the future.

Here is a link to the schools blog which gives more information about the project. I was also able to find a YouTube clip from the school which shows how successful the project was;

Caldwell, H. ‘Manipulating Media’, in Caldwell, H & Bird, J. Teaching with Tablets (In press). Sage, London.

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