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October 23, 2014 | 1 Comment

The start of the second week and our second session of ICT, and today we were looking at different apps on the iPad and how we can use them within the classroom. Helen introduced us to the idea of categorizing apps and how this can be done. She was able to show us that apps can be categorized based on what the app is used for e.g. personal learning, rather than just subject based e.g. literacy. Helen introduced us to the four categories within which she would group apps; personal learning, collaborative learning, visible learning and combining media. Through using these categories it is clear to see the purpose of each app, which is exceedingly  important to know when using them with children. Below is the Prezi that Helen used within the session.

We were given the chance to finish our projects from the first session and my partner Alex and I decided to explore the green screen app on the iPad. I found this an incredibly interesting app to use as I had never used something like this before. To create the background we were able to use a picture of a castle from the internet for the princess scene and a youtube video of a dragon breathing fire for the knight scene.

Here is a finished version of our green screen;

I thought the app was easy to use and one that children could easily get to grips with. I also feel that it was an excellent resource to use with children because they could pretend to be wherever they wanted to, as you can add your own picture or video as the background. This could be adapted and incorporated into any scheme of work to make it interesting and fun.

At the end of the session some groups were able to share the resources they had been making throughout the last two sessions. I particularly enjoyed the tellagami made by Sarah B who used the app to create a lesson starter for the book Dear Zoo. I thought that it was a good way of using the app, and showed how apps can be combined to create a finished product.


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  1.    Katie on October 26, 2014 5:51 pm      Reply

    I really like your ‘Brave Knight’ resource. I think you and your partner used the green screen well, and have created a great resource for use in the classroom.

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