The start of the third and final year has arrived, and and our first session was ICT. I was pleased to see that our assignment for this was our blog, as I find blogging is a great tool to use and have, especially as most schools use blogs now to communicate with parents. The first ICT seminar gave us an insight into storytelling and the different resources that can be used to develop this within the classroom. Helen introduced us to a range of apps, resources and websites including; storybird, the green screen, light box, tellagami and many more. She then was then able to go through them and explain how they worked and how they could be used within the classroom. We were then sent off in pairs to create our own resources using two of the ones we had been shown.

I chose to look at and explore the website storybird.  9090301512_902f78743a_oI was able to make a short simple book about a knight and a dragon. The website was simple and easy to use with easy access to all the different pictures. I feel that children would be able to use and easily navigate around the website themselves without any adult support. However I felt that a downside to the website was that once you had chosen a particular artist or category of pictures, you could only use those pictures, you could not change them if you could not find a picture that you wanted, or that suited what you needed. Although I was able to adapt my story to the pictures by the artist I had chosen to use, which is something that children may struggle with. Here is a link to the finished book that we made.


One question which was asked within the session was; does digital technology enhance physical experiences? I found this veryinsightful and it got me thinking about how digital technology is used and whether teachers (including myself), are using it to enhance the physical experiences. It made me think about how teachers actually use technology and whether they allow children to use it to enhance their role play or story telling for example or whether technology is used as stand alone. In my personal experience I feel that digital technology and physical experiences are not intertwined and the digital over rule the physical and in many setting the digital becomes more important than the physical experiences. However i feel that if the two are used together in a complimentary way, children will be able to understand how technology can be used as well as still enjoying the traditional ways of storytelling. 


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